Case 2: Cumulative costs of Losugen solution vs traditional solution

Customer: KCGM, Kalgoorlie. Ball Mill 1 AND 2 Cyclone launders.

Issue: KCGM had a constant shutdown cycle of 8 weeks in which every shut would require a crew to reapply Wearmax and ceramic tiles to wear areas of their cyclone launders.

Previous estimated cost of repairs

Estimated cost of repairs : $3,000 – $4000 per shutdown.
Other Issues : KCGM encountered problems when the Wearmax and tiles would break away and cover the outlet not allowing slurry to pass. When outlet blockage occurred the mill would need to be shutdown to allow for removal. This would require a minimum 2 hour shutdown and result in a deficit in production.
Time issue has been around : 3 years
Cost of Losugen solution : $46,000.00

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