Products and Brands

Losugen is the proud manufacturer and owner of every single product on our website, with years of dedication and hard work resulting in top-of-the-line products and services that is now on-demand around the globe. With an aim of implementing flawless engineering solutions that enrich the future of mining and materials handling industries, we produce precision-engineered products that can be installed and maintained with the same accuracy that created them.

Below is a detailed list of our branded products:

Wear Protection Products:

Aggression® Rubber Liners

We stock one of Australia’s largest selection of off-the-shelf moulded panels that can be cut to shape and size, or bent and rolled to suit the varying application needs of our clients. We implement our rubber lining services globally, with cost-effective long-term contracts that monitor and maintain operations at any location around the world. The Aggression® range is lightweight, allowing for easier handling and faster installation and maintenance/repair. Discover our full range of rubber liners here.
D-MAC® Ceramic Liners

Alumina ceramic is the second hardest material after diamonds, making it the most idealistic form of protection for components that undergo extreme wear and tear. Produced from a combination of steel backed rubber or polyurethane panels and specifically designed Alumina ceramic tiles, D-MAC® ceramic liners are fixed by a bolt-on system so that they’re easy to replace and unable to fall out. This product can also be custom made to any required shape and size, with various standard options available, too.

Separation Products:

The Trommel Shop® (Trommel Panels)

This product is setting a worldwide standard for durable and reasonably-priced trommel design solutions, catering mostly for the mining and materials handling industries. Our team designs, manufactures and installs trommel screens, dams and spirals from rubber, polyurethane and steel, resulting in improved efficiency for both existing and new operations. Learn more about our standard and custom solutions.

Tornado Screen Panels

With the objective of increasing screening efficiency while increasing the life of the decks and minimising down-time of the machine, Losugen produces extremely efficient, wear-resistant screen panels. Find out more about the Tornado product and multitude of applications here.

Greendog® Filter Products (Filter Diaphragm)

Greendog® is an engineering and manufacturing alternative aftermarket filtration product that caters for a variety of Filter Presses. With personal experience of ten years servicing processing mineral plants and a workforce with combined experience of 60 years in the sector, Losugen created this product to replace high-wear internal components of a system’s filter. Find out more.

Conveyance Products:

Conveyor Components

When it comes to the transport of bulk materials generally found on mining sites and other relevant material handling environments, Belt Conveyor Systems are not only the most practical, but the most reliable and cost effective as well. Thus said, poorly designed and/or maintained conveyor systems can lead to excessive spillage that causes a string unnecessary headaches. This is why we house a Research and Development team with detailed records of 5000 conveyors and chutes, enabling us to design, manufacture and install a reliable product that successfully meets all current market needs.

Water Cutting

We also manufacture and operate high-grade WA Water Cutters® from our Jandakot factory, where designs are transferred onto a computer that governs the movement of a fine abrasive water jet, cutting around a shape at ultra-high pressure. With CAD technology, Losugen can work from a client sketch and translate all necessary visual information into a computer-generated drawing for approval. Find out more about this sophisticated service here.

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