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Losugen provides wear protection systems through innovation to a global market with a proactive team of design, manufacture, installation and service specialists who guarantee quick project response times. Out team offers 24 hour operation if required, and can mobilise at short notice.

Losugen has a range of cost efficient services available and as manufacturers of rubber, ceramic wear and wear protections systems has the knowledge and experience to service industries both Australia wide and internationally.



Custom Design

Find Custom Wear Solutions at Losugen

Losugen Australia specialises in producing custom designed wear protection systems and solutions for mining and mineral handling industries Australia wide and around the globe.

Wear liners and protection systems are individually designed and custom manufactured to provide the optimal performance and longevity for client applications. Losugen provides a customised, in house professional design and manufacture service and has built a reputation for delivering quality products and services to both national and international markets. Our range of standard and custom wear liners and protection systems can be applied to multiple industries with the highest level of service and support through design and manufacture to audits and ongoing service and advice. Losugen can develop custom wear liners and protection systems for resistance to noise, heat, abrasion and impact. All our products are developed to the highest safety and durability standards and are backed up with fast delivery and friendly service. Losugen has the product knowledge, technical innovation and expertise to develop specifications for all custom wear liners. Our custom design and technical service teams offer:

  • Extensive capability and technical application in product design and development
  • Regular visits, audits and inspections to discuss wear liners, problems and solutions
  • Liner improvements
  • On-site support
  • Complete wear protection systems including design, manufacture, installation and ongoing performance monitoring

Custom Design Process

While each project requirement is different Losugen’s custom design process generally consists of:

  • Liaising with the client for required outcome of wear protection systems
  • Survey and understand the client application – material and flow characteristics, performance history and equipment configuration
  • Select the most suitable materials for optimal outcome – rubber, ceramic, composite or new technology compounds with heavy duty abrasion and impact resistance and durability specifications.
  • Design and engineer the optimal liner for the application
  • Manufacture – incorporating quality and precision processes
  • Installation – using Losugen’s efficient bolt-on panel system
  • On-going monitoring of wear liners, service and improvement of wear protection systems.

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Cost Effective solutionsfor the mining industry


Losugen carries out fabrication of products such as tanks, sumps, trommels and chutes. This work is usually performed in conjunction with installation of our wear protection systems.

Consider the benefits

Losugen has a wide range of customisable engineered products and provides services Australia-wide. Choose Losugen for:

  • Our quality range of products
  • Engineered custom wear protection systems and parts
  • Extended product life through correct application
  • Experienced installation and service crews
  • Quick response time, 24 hour operation if required
  • Solutions through innovation, especially for screens and custom chute liners

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services or call (08) 9414 7922 to get a quote.


Water Cutting

Get Exceptional Cutting Precision

Perth based engineering company Losugen Australia provides an industry competitive water jet cutting service delivering exceptional precision with intricate shapes quickly cut to within +/-0.25mm.

The water jet cutting service, using fine abrasive jets at ultra-high pressure, means a wide range of products can be cold cut accurately without damage to temperature sensitive materials.

Losugen’s water jet cutting service is suitable for:

  • Gaskets
  • Mill feed spout seals
  • Flanges
  • Custom curtains
  • Conveyor skirts
  • Specialty metals
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • And other products requiring precision shaping

How it Works

Computer controlled water jet cutting involves a process using machines which direct a fine jet of water with such force that it cuts cleanly through materials in a single pass without shredding or other damage often associated with conventional cutting methods.

The water jet cutting action takes place as a result of ultra-high pressure water being forced through a nozzle as small as 0.76 mm. The pressurised water exits the nozzle at extremely high velocities in a coherent stream that produces a clean cut. The compact, lightweight cutting head is designed for reliability in high cycle, on/off applications. Unlike metal cutters, a water jet never gets dull and it cannot overheat.

High-Tech Service

Our factory based high-tech service uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology. Losugen can work from a simple sketch to develop your concept into a computer generated drawing ready for CAD/CAM processing.

Our factory accepts customer free issue materials, produces CAD/CAM drawings for approval and delivers the finished products to site, complete with grid referenced method statement to ensure trouble free installation.

Water jet cutting saves materials and machining costs and delivers reliable precision. Project cost will depend upon design complexity, material type and cutting speed required.

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Most of our designs and wear protection systems are self service, however Losugen can provide on-site services including repair and replace, site audit and application analysis, wear monitoring, product supply and replacement management.

Our skilled personnel includes boilermakers, fitters and riggers all of whom have mine site experience and are trained in site safety requirements for contractors.


Rubber Lining

Losugen carries out onsite and workshop rubber lining, this service includes:

  • Stripping of old lining systems
  • Repairing damaged steelwork
  • Sand blasting
  • Rubber Lining
  • Painting

Losugen also have years of experience in onsite services including shutdowns and projects in Western Australia and Australia wide.