Mining Fabrication

Mining Fabrication

Losugen is a specialist in mining fabrication solutions for the mining and materials handling industries, with the ability to tailor designs to unique and precise specifications. We work with a multitude of clients with unique requirements, which is why we have so much experience in fabricating products for a wide variety of applications. We carry out fabrication of products such as tanks, sumps, trommels and chutes. This work is usually performed in conjunction with the installation of our wear protection systems.

We implement the following:

Tank Fabrication

With tank and vessel industries that rely on boilers, chemical mixing, water storage, reactors and water treatment, Losugen fabricates high-quality tanks that are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Because tanks can be used for so many applications, we recommend that you speak to one of our consultants about this offering.

Trommel Fabrication

Losugen is well-educated about the dynamic mining industry, with specialist supply, servicing and maintenance of trommel screen design for site-specific solutions. From basic modifications to intricate re-design and custom trommel creation, we manufacture long-lasting screens, dams and spirals from rubber, polyurethane and steel.

Custom Sump Fabrication

As an extension of our fabrication services, Losugen is able to manufacture custom sumps that successfully collect and store a variety of specified liquids and chemicals. Speak to us today to learn more about this service or to tell us more about the type of sump you need.

Steel Chutes Fabrication & Design

Losugen designs fabricates and supplies chutes to the mining and material handling industries based on customer requirements. Along with the chutes, as part of Losugen’s custom design and fabrication services, chute liners can be cut in-house to the required shape and size using ultra-high pressure water jet cutting. Water jet cutting delivers exceptional precision with intricate shapes quickly cut within +/- 0.25mm, allowing for efficient fitment and ensuring timely project completion every single time.

Consider the Benefits

Losugen has a wide range of customisable engineered products and provides services Australia-wide. Choose us for:

• Our quality range of products
• Engineered custom wear protection systems and parts
• Extended product life through correct application
• Experienced installation and service crews
• Quick response time, 24-hour operation if required
• Solutions through innovation, especially for screens and custom chute liners

Leave it up to the Experts

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services or call (08) 9414 7922 to get an obligation-free quote. Our business module has been built around customer satisfaction and any member of our team will do their best to ensure that you receive the type of service that we would expect ourselves. We run all internal operations from our facility at Unit 2, 26 Biscayne Way, WA. Feel free to schedule an appointment to visit us on any day of the week.